Daniel's Lifestyle headshots | Round Hill Farm | DAS Photography
August 26, 2023

As a photographer, I have been incredibly fortunate to have worked with some amazing clients over the years. But one client, in particular, stands out. Daniel (Who I am going to refer to as Dan) has been a loyal supporter of my business since the very beginning and over the years.

He always trusts me with his photographic needs, and I always look forward to our shoots. This time, we went to Round Hill Farm for his lifestyle headshots and had a fantastic time!

We were blessed with a perfectly overcast day, which was great for shooting. The weather was just right – not too hot, not too cold, and with just the right amount of cloud cover to give us some beautiful soft light. Dan is a natural in front of the camera, and it didn't take long to capture some great headshots that brought out his personality.

During our shoot, he shared his idea for the next time we work together, and I'm already excited about it. We're going to incorporate some of his favorite hobbies into his portrait, making it a truly unique and personalized experience. I've always appreciated Dan's creative vision and input during our sessions, and I'm thrilled to see how his ideas will come to life in the next shoot.

It's been such an honor to work with Dan over the years, not just because of his unwavering support of my business but also because of the friendship that has grown between us. Seeing him happy and confident in his photos is always my top priority, and I'm grateful for the trust he puts in me to capture his image.

These headshots are a perfect example of the type of work that brings me so much joy as a photographer. I love finding the right setting, the perfect light, and capturing that uniquely beautiful moment. And when I see my clients' reactions to the final product – it makes all the hard work worth it!

To anyone who is looking to have their headshots taken, I CANNOT recommend enough taking the time to find a photographer who can capture your true personality. It's important to feel confident and comfortable during your session, so don't settle for just any photographer. Look for someone who has a real passion for what they do and who can provide a personalized experience that goes beyond just taking some photos.

Thank you, Dan, for being such an incredible client and friend. I can't wait to see what we come up with next time!

PS... If you check out the images below you can see some of the farm animals that were around after our session! The piggy was HUGE and the duck was so interested in what we were doing that he followed us while we were walking back to our cars haha!

Location: Round Hill Farm

Photography: DAS Photography

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